Cash for Cars in Newark, NJ

We are a business entity that has been in operation for over thirty now and we continue to grow day by day. We have been licensed to run the junk car business and have always complied with all the legal requirements that pertain to the business, so we are legit. We buy junk cars in cash from individual, businesses or schools and put them to use. Junk cars are essentially all vehicles that have been totally wrecked or have their parts greatly damaged that spending money on their repairs is uneconomically viable. We also trade junk cars for new cars and also offer instant cash for cars in Newark, NJ. We have a team that conducts all valuations of such cars and machinery and then pay you immediately. Have a look why we are the best.

With over thirty years in the business, we have mastered the trade and enjoy a comparative market advantage than all the other players. This enables us to give you better cash for cars in Newark, NJ than the average dealer will give you. This is a major reason you should choose us. Our valuations are based on a proprietary database. We give our clients all the information they need to know and explain all the terms to them so that they can make informed choices. Most junk cars are not acceptable at trade in, and therefore we try to give our clients reasonable deals.

A car buyer you can trust in Newark, NJ

Over three decades in the business means we have also grown our reach beyond just the main towns. We now have offices in Florida to help us serve you better. The quality of our services is standard across all our offices because consistency is vital for any business. A member of our staff will be sent to your location when you initiate contact. All we need is that you provide them with true information regarding what you want to dispose and immediately offer valuation and quick cash for cars in Newark, NJ.

We buy junk cars in Cash

The thirty years plus that we have been in operation has taught us much on customer relation than any school would ever teach, and this is evident in our standard of services. Your experience with us is not something you are going to forget soon. Professionalism is always our key priority in all our engagements. We are fully licensed and offer cash for cars in Newark, NJ; therefore do not have fears when dealing with us because we are legit. Moreover, we are also bonded, meaning that we are always going to deliver on our promises. Our staff members are very thorough and precise in dealing with clients. Get in touch today.

Sell my car in Newark, NJ

Cash for Your Junk Cars does not refer particular cars over others; we buy all. Whether partially or completely damaged, do not worry about the state of the car. Just call us in. if you still owe some money on the vehicle it is still possible to sell it to us, as long as it is worth more than what you owe in it. Call our offices to get rid of that truck, tractor, van, car or whatever you may have and get some good cash for cars in Newark, NJ. Cash for Junk Car Guys is all you need.

We buy any car in Newark, NJ

We understands that some calls are made out of desperation to raise some money, and therefore we deliver it to you within a very short time. We would not want you to miss on that great opportunity or get stressed for failure to deliver- because we care. Our team is very swift, after getting to your premises they carry out the valuation and signal the bank to have the payment done. The towing is entirely on us; therefore you do not incur any extra costs for that. Choosing Cash for Cars in Newark, NJ is an assurance that you will get the money you need when you need it. Do not second think about it, just call us.