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Give us a call, and we will take it from there. We provide offers for cash for cars with prices up to $10000 & more. Whatever the model, price or company.

Book an easy Car Inspection

Our technical evaluators evaluate your car within a very short time and put a fair price on your car depending upon its present condition.

Instant Payment & Free Towing

We provide the cash to you instantly, and often on the same day, while also bearing the cost of towing the car on our own.

  • We keep it simple and to the point. You donít have to put yourself through lengthy negotiations or fill out needless paperwork when you engage with our company.
  • Rather than spending your money on constantly repairing your old car, just sell it for junk and be assured to receive a good price upfront for your car.
  • Do not keep your car abandoned in your garage somewhere just rotting away, as it may lead to a number of potential hazards. Sell it for junk now and pocket the cash straightaway.
  • No matter the condition of your car, whether it is burnt, damaged, wrecked, or simply not in any condition to start, we will take it in as we believe each and every car has a value irrespective of its condition.
  • We serve multiple locations in New Jersey. Wherever you are, we are just a phone call away.

Comprehensive experience in the field

We have an experience spanning over 10 years in dealing in junk cars and we are striving to constantly improve as a part of our efforts.

Trusted by clients

We conduct comprehensive quality checks and provide all kinds of support to our clients related to their cars. Parting from your car is tough, and we try to make it a little easier on you.

Putting a fair value on your vehicle

We donít try to undersell you on your cars. After comprehensive checks we try to provide the best value for our customers. This is what sets us apart from other businesses in the area.

Just give us a call to get an instant quote for your car.

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Sell Car for Cash

Do you own a very old car that is just gathering dust in the garage? Sell it now and get a good price for it rather than keeping it stored away.

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Sell Junk Car

Junk cars take up a lot of space without providing much value. Sell your junk car to us now and avail the attractive offers that we provide.

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Sell Used Car

Is your car nearing its end? Are you regularly spending too much on repairs? We take your used cars and provide a great value for it as well.

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Sell Wrecked Cars

Has your car suffered a crash and needs extensive repairs? We are there to take the wrecked car from your hands while providing a fair price.

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Brands We Buy

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01. Get A Quote

You have a junk car, or an old vehicle or a damaged accidental car, or even if you just want to upgrade, call us or fill the form.

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We will call you up and setup an appointment with you. We will value your car and will pay INSTANT CASH on the spot.

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We will help you with hassle free documentation and will also tow away your car for no cost. Just fill the form now.

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