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Sell Your Car to Us

family owned and operated company

We are a family owned and operated company. There are no outside contractors as we believe in our friendly and honest staff. We are a dependable company with a positive reputation and excellent cash for car services. You are guaranteed of an honest treatment that will surely please you.

Free Quote

We give you a free quote. Unlike other companies who might charge you for the quote, ours is different. Get in touch with us through our site or call us today. Give us the details of your vehicle and we will give you a quote at no charge at all. Also, what you get is the real value that is independent of other valuations. This way, you are assured that the appraisal offered is not subject to any limitation or whatever constraints.

services are free of hassles and stress

Our services are free of hassles and stress. All the work is taken care of by our team. The process of advertising your car takes lots of time and it will cost you extra. You will run out of patience waiting for your car to sell. With us, you can sell your car instantly without any problems at all. We offer you on-the-spot payment far more efficient and seamless.

We buy used cars in any condition

We buy used cars in any condition. The only thing that might limit what we buy is your decision. Otherwise, for any model, make, the manufacturer, the years it has served you, we will gladly be happy to offer you a quote. Whether it is moving or not, whether it is a small car or a large truck, we will buy it.

We Are Available To come to You

If you are within our reach, we will come to you. With our free-towing service truck, we will pick the vehicle from anywhere you are located. There are no hidden fees or charges for the service.

We Are Licensed

We adhere to the rules and regulations governing the industry. Our company has all the necessary permits and licenses, which are essential for easy vehicle processing. As a result, we will go about the task in an efficient manner. We will ensure that everything is environmentally safe. Our staff is trained to handle things like air-conditioning de-gassing to ensure that the atmosphere is safe. Well, that is if the parts of your car are fit to be recycled and used.

The best service and the best price

We are not the middle man to any other dealers. For this case, you can expect the best service and the best price after calling us and for any vehicle that you have. Also, if you don't have a title for your car, our professionals will help you replace or acquire new ones. We believe in a clean service, that is why you get all the printed materials that legitimize the process after the sale.

We'll Come To You Same Day

Our team provides same day service. The fastest possible deal is what we promise. Our prices are competitive and unmatched in the industry. If you have been scouting for the best sell junk car for cash service near you, your search has come to an end.

Worried that you won't sell because you don't have a title? No need to fret. Let us know about the details of your vehicle, request a quote and we will help you in the process of replacing the title as well as getting all the required forms to legalize the process. It doesn't matter the type of junk you have, you can easily convert it to quick cash.

Have you got a junk car, an SUV, a van or a truck? Getting rid of it couldn't be any easier. We accommodate everything. Give us double cabin trucks, panel vans, station wagons, and minivans among others and we will gladly give you a quote you can't say no to.

We give you instant cash offer regardless of the condition. Why let no longer needed vehicles fill up your yard or the garage when you can turn it into hard instant cash? Just reach out to us and we will free up space for you. But how do you know that it is time to give us a call and let our free towing services take care of the car for cash?

Reasons to Give Us a Call

  • Apart from cars that are no longer running, other reasons why people reach out to us include:
  • Spending too much on a car to keep it running - If you are spending too much on a car to keep it on the road, it is about time you had a break. Although you might not know it, selling it and buying a new one is the best choice in the long run. Giving us a call will allow you to drive a new and roadworthy vehicle, a more appealing vehicle you can use without spending a lot.
  •  You have an abandoned car left somewhere - If you have a useless car, a junk left somewhere, and you constantly wonder about what to do with it, it is time to give us a call. We will give you an offer you will not refuse.
  • Puts you at risk - If your car misbehaves often and puts you at risk of being fined, you can save yourself the trouble and contact our cash for junk cars services. With our instant cash offer, you will find no other true market value.
  • You are tired of the car - So you have been driving your car for years and it no longer brings you the thrill you once had, it is time to call us. That is if you no longer need the vehicle and you need to dispose of it. Our team will show up and turn it into beautiful cash.
  • It is wrecked - When your car gets wrecked and you wonder 'who will buy my junk car?' worry not. We are here for you. We also offer car salvage services. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.
  • It is in a very poor condition and can be scrapped - If you think the car cannot be of any more value and you want it scrapped, it makes another reason why cash for junk cars might be beneficial for you.
  • The final reason why you might want to give us a call is if your car's value has significantly depreciated or is worth donating

How Our Cash for Junk Cars Looks Like

When you call us to inquire about a quote, we will need you to provide a few details about your car. First off, we will need to know the year make of the vehicle then the model of the car. Sometimes, we will also require details on the mileage of your car, and any beating or damage the car has sustained since you bought it.

Remember, the more you describe the vehicle, the more accurate the quote you inquired will be. You can easily tell us everything about your vehicle through our website or by talking to one of our friendly and polite staff. If you want to get the highest possible amount of cash for your vehicle, we recommend talking to one of our representatives.

Quotes often vary depending on how old your vehicle is and the number of usable parts. The type of the reusable parts also determines how much the car will earn you. Vehicles that are a total junk, in general, will likely attract lower quotes than those that are drivable and with lower mileage. The quote is free; this means that there are no strings attached whatsoever.

Selling your junk car couldn't be any easier! Give cash for junk cars a call today through 877-995-8652! Do not risk your valuable property by allowing cash for cars company with negative reputations to rip you off. We don't hype much. We let the testimonies of our other customers tell you how dealing with us is the best thing you could ever do.