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Sell My Junk Car In New Jersey

Sell Junk Car There's a lot of things that you can sell that are fairly easy to get rid of. That’s why there are things like yard sales, online auction sites, online marketplaces, flea markets, and countless other ways to sell your belongings to other people. When it comes to selling a vehicle, however, that’s a much more difficult proposition. After all, when you’re selling a vehicle, you’re most likely talking about at least hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. That, alone, instantly shrinks your market.

Then, if you’re trying to sell not just any type of vehicle, but you’re trying to sell junk car, you could be in for a difficult situation. Most entities that buy vehicles, be they individuals or companies, are looking to purchase vehicles that are in a somewhat decent condition that they can either drive themselves or sell for a profit. Fortunately, when you call we can offer cash for junk cars right on the spot. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it takes to purchase junk cars, and what it would take for you if you wanted to try and do it yourself instead, here is how the process works:

  • Value Determination
  • Hauling
  • Disposal
  • Paperwork

Value Determination

If you’ve ever looked at cars for sale near me, you’ll notice that you run across several vehicles that are similar to each other, but they’re all listed at different prices. Determining a vehicle’s value is a complicated formula that can be difficult to get right. In many ways, determining the value of a junk vehicle when you’re offering cash for junk cars is actually more difficult, since most of the standard value guides are referring to vehicles which aren’t junk.

Even though it’s difficult at times when you call our friendly and skilled customer service representatives will ensure your vehicle is valued at what it deserves by utilizing the information you provide them. Typically, we’ll need the year, make, and model of your vehicle and in some cases a few other pieces of information, none of which is hard to determine or access. We can then use this information to provide a fair and accurate value which we’re glad to pay in cash.


Getting a junk vehicle to its final destination is something that is easy to overlook in the process you have to follow when you decide, “I want to sell my car.” After all, your vehicle is literally designed to move, meaning getting it from place to place is quite easy. Of course, if you’ve decided to sell your vehicle as junk, there are likely multiple problems with it which make it difficult or impossible to move on its own.

In cases like these, even a traditional tow truck that allows two wheels of the vehicle to roll freely might not be enough. A flatbed tow truck may be required, plus special restraints if the mainframe of the vehicle is in bad shape. If this sounds difficult and potentially pricey, that’s because it could be, if you tried to do it yourself. Fortunately, if you call in addition to offering you a fair price, we can take care of car shipping and be hauling, as well.


Proper disposal of a junk vehicle is crucial for the safety of people, animals, and the health of the environment. Not to mention the numerous laws governing how and where a vehicle can be disposed of that you have to follow perfectly to avoid facing any civil penalties. If you think that you and a friend can haul a vehicle away and dispose of it wherever you’d like, you’re just going to be making things more difficult for yourself.

We take pride in the methods we use to dispose of the vehicles we buy, and we work hard to work with vendors who take that same amount of pride in their work. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle won’t be causing harm to the environment after it’s hauled away, so it’s a win-win situation all around.


The last stage of properly disposing of a junk vehicle is filing the proper paperwork to ensure the government is aware the vehicle no longer belongs to you. No matter what eventually happens to your vehicle after you sell it, the main thing is that you want to ensure that the vehicle is taken out of your name so you don’t continue to accrue taxes on it when it doesn’t actually belong to you anymore.

Paperwork to transfer the ownership of a vehicle can be fairly complex and must be filled out exactly correctly to ensure the transfer is complete and valid. If you attempt to do it yourself, it’s very possible you’d make a mistake on the paperwork at some point in the process. Though this might not derail the process entirely, it could result in multiple time-wasting trips to the DMV or other entities to try and get everything sorted out.