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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question : Which locations do you buy cars from?

Answer : AnswerWe likely buy cars from where you are. If you are unsure, the best way to find out if our cash for junk cars company buys from your location is to give us a call. One of our friendly and polite staff members will talk to you, and after providing the details of the location where your junk car is located, he or she will tell you the way forward.

Question : How do you determine the price of my car?

Answer : Our instant offers are in form of cash. The on-the-spot payment to all our customers is in cash, however, if you prefer other means like a check, we can make arrangements for you to get paid.

Question : Do you buy cars without a title?

Answer : Yes. We can always offer room for those selling their junk cars without titles or the pink slip. Although, sometimes you will need to replace the title, depending on the state you are in. This is because various states have different regulations. Nonetheless, we will help you with the paperwork to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Question : My vehicle is abandoned on my other property; will you pick it up?

Answer :Yes, we will. But to make the process simpler, our professionals highly recommend that you get in touch with the local authority where your vehicle is left. They will provide you with the special paperwork required for the car to be picked. We require all this information before our team dispatches the tow truck for the pickup.

Question : Are there any hidden costs? Do you charge for the quotation?

Answer : There are no hidden costs whatsoever. Whatever we offer is what you get. Also, we do not charge for the requested quote.

Question : Do you buy cars even those without keys?

Answer : We don’t have a problem with that. Whether you have the keys or not, whether the car is running or not, we will pick it up. As long the car is accessible for the convenience of towing, we can accommodate that. In a nutshell, we do not need your keys.

Question : Which types of vehicles do you buy?

Answer : We specialize in several types of automobiles. We buy trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans regardless of the year, the make or the model. We can also purchase large vehicles like RVs, work trucks, school buses among others. This might be influenced by the location. However, call us to get to know more about this service.

Question : What next after I have sold my car to you?

Answer : Many people often have no idea what to do after selling their cars. Here is what you should do; remove the license plate and see to it that it is returned to the nearest motor vehicle department. Ensure that the receipt you are given by the driver is safely kept for the purpose of your records. However, you should keep the plates if you are transferring it to another one of your vehicles. Remember, if the car is insured, make a call to your insurance provider to cancel the vehicle's policy.

Question : What documents or paperwork do I need?

Answer : Only your driver’s license, the title of the vehicle and the most recent registration will suffice for the process.