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Cash for Junk Cars in Newark, NJ

Old cars often leak chemicals that seep into the ground and eventually find their way to the water bodies. Therefore, they become a hazard to the environment. In Newark, NJ, it is illegal to have a junk car in your driveway. So, if you have one, you might need a plan to get rid of it. In addition, junk old cars use up much-needed space. Also, you might be sitting on some cash by keeping the old junk in your garage. This is where Cash Car Guys comes in handy. You get cash for junk cars in Newark, NJ. Therefore, for any vehicle, whether mobile or immobile, whatever make or model, we have got cash for it.

We offer a wide range of auto junk services that cover both the sale and purchase of junk cars. The top services include:

Cash for cars in Newark, NJ

You might be in need of immediate cash to settle some bills or buy something you really need. The easiest and fastest way to get quick cash is by selling your old car. When you chose us to buy your junk car, you are sure never to be disappointed. This is because we buy all cars for cash. Once you sign the papers transferring the ownership of the car, we pay the whole amount all at once. For this reason, you can forget about inconveniences. At Cash Car Guys, we offer great offers and services that will leave you satisfied with our service. At Cash Car Guys, we will give you cash for junk cars in Newark, NJ.

We Buy Junk Cars in Newark, NJ

When you sell your junk car to us for cash, that is exactly what you get. Once you transfer the ownership of the car, from your name to Cash Car Guys, our staff will give you the payment immediately. In addition, you do not have to worry about changing the process. Mainly, this is due to the intensive negotiations we conduct. Once agreed upon, that is the amount you will receive upon the sale.

We Buy Junk Car Parts

Get cash for junk cars in Newark, NJ with Cash Cars Guys. Most junkyards across Newark, NJ do not give parts much importance. Usually, they buy cars and disintegrate themselves. However, with Cash Car Guys, if you feel that the parts are worth more than the car as a whole, you can come to us. We will help you disassemble the car and take the parts. The better the condition they are in, the more the money they fetch.

Get Cash for Your Junk Car

Contrary to the assessment policy of other junkyards in Newark, NJ, at Cash Car Guys, the evaluation is done based on the state of the car. First, we check the transmission, braking, steering and drive axle of the car. From then, we can negotiate for the price of the junk car. Over and above all that, we check the state of the engine. It the systems are in good shape, we pay more regardless of the shape of the bod and exterior of the car.

Cash for Junk Car Services You Can Trust

When you settle on selling your car, more often than not, it is usually to get fast cash, space or something very urgent. Therefore, if you find a company that is willing to complete the transactions and pay on the same day, then you are in luck. That is what exactly Cash Car Guys offers. We finish our sale procedures in the shortest time. Thereafter, you can go settle that bill, fee or other plans you had.

Free Towing Services

In Newark, NJ, most junkyards charge very expensively for towing your junk car to their yard. As a result, the total amount you gain from the sale of the car reduces drastically. You will end up gaining nothing from the sale. That is where Cash Car Guys comes in. once you sell the car, it becomes our responsibility. We then move it to our yards at no extra cost, maximizing your money.

Tips for Selling Your Junk Car Easily

Register the car under your name. This way, you get to save time and complete the process in a much shorter period. Secondly, clear your car of any personal belongings. When you use your car for a long time, you might forget some important things inside. Either they are important to you or not, take some time to go through the car before handing it over to us. Finally, cancel the insurance cover and registration on your car. All you have to do is make a call to your insurance company. For the number plate, you have to return them to the state department of motor vehicles. Once all these are done, you can then get cash for junk cars in Newark, NJ.