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Cash for Junk Cars in Livingston, NJ

Old cars that sit in one place are a hazard to the environment. More often than not, you will find them leaking harmful chemicals to the ground. These compounds eventually seep into the water bodies or lawns. consequently, they create a threat to human, plant and animal life. In addition, an old unused car tends to occupy limited space at home. Additionally, when you sell your junk car, you free up space to store much more important valuable things. By selling your junk car to the right people, you get to earn good cash for junk cars. At Cash Car Guys, we buy junk cars for cash in the simplest means possible anywhere in Livingston, NJ.

Tips for selling junk cars for cash in Livingston, NJ

At Cash Car Guys, we buy junk cars for cash. We understand that selling a junk car can be stressful. That is why we offer tips on how best to sell your junk car.

Use up your gasoline

Before selling your junk car, you need to take up all measures to ensure that you gain the most from the sale. This means that you use up all the gas in the tank. Gasoline costs money, therefore, if your car is running, you might want to use the fuel to go grocery shopping or collect something from work. Additionally, at the junkyard, the gas has to be drained before the recycling process starts. Propellant constitutes a substantial amount in the total worth of the car. By using up the juice, you ensure you do not undervalue your car.

Prepare the title of the car

One of the most important processes that cannot be overlooked by Cash Car Guys is the ownership of the car when buying it. In order to successfully sell your car to us in Livingston, NJ, you need to have it registered under your name. In addition, you need to return the license plates and cancel the insurance policy. Over and above all that, when you sell your car, be keen to transfer the ownership of the car from your name to the junkyard. This saves you the hassle of getting into trouble due to a car you already sold. That way, you get cash for junk cars much faster.

Remove your personal items from the car

We all understand that cars are like your second home. You might have your wallet in the glove compartment, some jewelry or other valuable personal items in the car. If you have used your car for a long time, you might forget some of these items. Before Cash Car Guys haul your car away from your home, always make sure that you have cleared all personal belongings from the car. Once you sell your car, you will never get the opportunity to collect the things you left inside.

Remove the license plates

Removing the license plates from your junk car is very important. Any insurance policy taken up for the car can only be canceled when you return the license plates. Additionally, the state department of motor vehicles will need the license plates in order to cancel the registration of the vehicle in the state. It is very important not to overlook the minor details during transactions. That is why at Cash Car Guys, before acquiring cash for junk cars in Livingston, NJ, we encourage you to complete the legal process of canceling your ownership.

Once you have settled the prices with our representatives, we pay and pick up the car. Selling your car online may take up a lot of your time. However, with Cash Car Guys, you don't have to waste time and money creating accounts and taking countless photos of your junk car.

Choose us for cash for junk cars in Livingston, NJ because

We pay cash

Therefore, you do not have to worry about scammers or losing your money through sales. Also, you get to receive your money immediately.

We tow away the vehicle

once the junk car is in our possession, we haul it away from your yard at no extra charge on your end. This has seen us gain a wide clientele as we save you money.

We serve different states.

This has given us the experience and ability to negotiate with you for the best deal you can get for a junk car.

We pay more than other junk car dealers in the market

Other than that, we save you time through our same day service delivery and free-towing services that we offer.

When you need to clear up space in your garage or buy a new car, get rid of the old one. Call us today and get yourself the best deal.